Monday, November 12, 2007

Glen Healy Next Toronto GM?

If anyone caught Saturday's Hot Stove segment on Hockey Night In Canada, you would have heard Al Strachan comment that TSN colour-man Glen Healy would be a good candidate to replace the seemingly doomed and hapless John Ferguson Jr.

Howard Berger over at Hockey Buzz gives this notion some further credence with todays column.

It would be easy to imagine Healy as a GM. He's already got the attitude: surly, mean and holier than thou.

If there's anything more unpleasant than having to sit through Healy snarl his way through a telecast with the otherwise excellent Chris Cuthbert, then I haven't experienced it yet.


Sherry said...

Am I the only one who says "Shut up, Healy" everytime he says something during games?

Jeremy Milks said...

No, you aren't the only one.