Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jason Blake Pines For The Isles And Admires The Sens. The Leafs? - No Comment

Steve Simmons has the article of the day when he talks about the awkward fit that Jason Blake has been on the Toronto Maple Leafs. With Blake and the team struggling, Simmons gets some interesting quotes out of the previous 40 goal-scorer.

On Ottawa:

"We are nowhere near where Ottawa is and I think everybody realizes that. In order to beat a team like that, you have to compete harder than them.

"They do everything so well. They move the puck. When you move the puck, fast, quick, that's what happens."

On the New York Islanders:

"No. 1, they have an unbelievable coach," Blake said. "Ted Nolan's the best. No. 2, we played like the Senators, that way. We weren't as talented, we weren't as big, we weren't as strong but we moved the puck. We tried to hit the open guy. No. 3, we had Brendan Witt, one of the most underrated defenceman in the league."

On his own team, the Leafs:

"It has nothing to with adjusting to a new team. I've adjusted ... It's certain things ... I'm not going to say what it is....Where would I start?... I can't say what ... I'm not going to ... It is what it is."


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