Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alfie On The Point?

For the first time this year, Daniel Alfredsson had a bad game. Even in saying that, he was still the best forward on the ice for the Ottawa Senators during Tuesday night's loss to the Buffalo Sabres.

But what's to be made of Alfredsson being used on the point during the power-play? Past coaches have had some success using him there but last night he looked frustrated and mostly ineffective. Perhaps John Paddock's decision shouldn't be judged on just one game but Sportsnet colour commentator Gary Galley made a good point when he said Alfreddson's game is better suited down low on the power play where he can control the puck in tight.

It would be interesting to see Paddock switch Mike Fisher with Alfie and see how Fisher and his 105 MPH hour slapshot does lobbing bombs from the point.

But then again, don't put it past Alfredsson to adapt to anything and make it look good.


Adam said...

Hey Jeremy,

Didn't see the Devils game, but saw that NJ got 2 SH goals.

I have no idea if Alfie was manning the point at the time, but I'm still blaming those goals on your untimely post...

Jeremy Milks said...

You sonofabitch...

No, they switched him up for that game.

I think Paddock pulls names out of a hat for line combos and PP units.

At some point Alredsson will be in the nets and Spartacat will be playing on the fourth line to provide some "energy".