Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pedneault On Redden

Over at Hockey Buzz, Hall Of Fame journalist Yvon Pedneault weighed in on the aborted Wade Redden trade this weekend.

"There are many people out there that are blaming Wade Redden for not allowing the Ottawa Senators to trade him this past week. I say, "good on him." ............................

Wade wants to stay in Ottawa. That is clear to everyone now and it is also clear that this summer Wade will try to stay in Ottawa even though it means he will take less money to do so. He is likely to give a discount to remain a Senator. Fans who are getting on him should probably be looking at the glass as half full and realize that in this day and age of players going for the almighty dollar, Wade has instead chosen to stay and play for an organization. As a fan that loyalty should be encouraged with some positive re-enforcement. "

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Ben said...

We should really wait and see what Redden does in the summer before we say whether he "will take less money to do so."

I don't want Reds back at all. Spend that money on someone who could use it... I wish I got 13 million dollars for taking 2 years off.