Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paddock Fired

It became official sometime around 3:45 this afternoon.

There's no reason to further bury John Paddock in this space as I've written all season long why he should be fired. The commentary will be coming thick and fast from the local press who completely ignored this story all year until it came up and bit them in their fat arses. Just read the posts below for my perspective.

It's unfortunate that things didn't work out for Paddock in Ottawa but Bryan Murray made the right decision at a crucial time for the Senators.

He will indeed be the head coach as was expected.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is assistant coach Ron Low getting fired as well. I had actually speculated not too long ago that Low might get a chance at the head coach role when/if Paddock was let go. Not to be.

No word yet if Murray is planning to bring on an assistant. He already has two "Reggie Dunlops" on the team now in Luke Richardson and Martin Lapointe so a further hire may not be necessary.

Fallout and further commentary to follow...

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RZ said...

You called it, pretty much all season long, congratulations. I wanted to see it happen almost as long as you. Now I almost feel sorry for him. But he was <.500 in Wpg, and he's coaching less than .500 since Christmas in Ottawa. It had to happen.

On his blog, Damien Cox says JP's a good coach, and that it's not his fault.