Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Could Gerber Be In Tampa Bay's Plans?

With John Paddock finally coming to his senses and giving Ray Emery some consecutive starts (Emery will play Thursday against Columbus as announced today), perhaps Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray can now concentrate on getting Martin Gerber's contract off the books for next season and alleviate the tension that inevitably comes with having two number one goalies.

Why would Tampa want a guy like Gerber?

Just listen to Lightning GM Jay Feaster as quoted by Erik Erlendsson.

From the Tampa Tribune:

"It's a bridge," Feaster said. "We are not looking for a 10-year thing. We need a two-to-three year bridge to Ramo, who we believe can be a legit No. 1 goaltender."

To me that sounds exactly like a role Martin Gerber can fill. All he'll need is a small contract extension and perhaps a vote of confidence, something that is not coming anytime soon in Bytown. The Senators would only ask for a token pick in return or might even get their hands on goalie Johan Holmqvist to back up Emery. Or perhaps a guy like Jason Labarbera could be snagged out of L.A. to replace Gerber.

Speculation, speculation.....

It's that time of year.

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