Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Murray Refuses To Commit To Paddock

Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray was just on the local Team 1200 afternoon show and was asked if he would consider a move behind the bench if things don't improve.

It was interesting to note that Murray didn't come out with a solid vote of confidence for John Paddock, but instead vowed he "won't commit myself" to an either/or proposition.

Murray also echoed the sentiments of many fans (and this blogger, among others) that Paddock has burnt out his top line, saying that they had played "probably too many minutes" earlier in the season and were hitting a ceiling in energy.

All eyes will be on Paddock and the Senators tonight where they play a tough game against Zdeno Chara and Boston.
For the Senators deadline coverage and the growing Paddock controversy (as per TSN), see the posts below.

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