Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sharks Going Nowhere Fast and More Dan Boyle Rumours (to Ottawa)

Do you think that San Jose GM Doug Wilson might be regretting giving coach Ron Wilson that contract extension last summer? Especially when there was no real good reason to do so other than to stick it to the pundits who simply assumed that Ron Wilson was as good as gone.

It would be hard to pick a team that has underachieved more the past few seasons than the Sharks. Blessed with a franchise player in Joe Thornton and a great goalie in Evgeni Nabokov, the Sharks just keep falling apart like they did in the playoffs last season. Now they are winless in 5 games and are just four points out of 9th place with seemingly nothing going for them.

Yet Ron Wilson somehow remains in charge of a team that he lost over a calendar year ago. His captain, Patrick Marleau is playing like he desperately wants out of town and now the Sharks are in a position where they are contemplating giving up on young stalwart Matt Carle in order to snag two unrestricted free agents, Marian Hossa and Bobby Holik, (according to Larry Brooks) just to spark the team.

Things shouldn't be this way for a team as talented and deep as the Sharks. Maybe all they need is a fresh voice behind the bench.
Larry Brooks also mentions that the rumoured contract extension for Tampa defenseman Dan Boyle may not transpire and that the Rangers are first in line for his services, trailed slightly by the Flyers, the Sharks, the Senators and the Penguins.
Should be a fun week for trade junkies.

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