Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Corvo Blasts Media On Way Out The Door ------ Heatley Tells Reporters To Leave Emery Alone

According to the Raleigh’s News and Observer, Joe Corvo took some time to get in a few digs at the Ottawa media.

From the News and Observer:

"Corvo acknowledged that his family didn’t like living in Ottawa and being away from home, but said it had more to do the small-town attitude that surrounded the team and the nature of the criticism.

“It’s hard to understand if you haven’t played in Canada,” Corvo said. “The media here at times can be completely ridiculous, the way they can take some of the stories that are nothing and make something out of them.”

It’s hard to say for sure but you’ve got to think that Corvo was talking almost specifically about the rabid anti-Ray Emery crusades that have maligned the local press and the talk radio shows in recent months.

There seems to be a bit of a backlash against the press from the Ottawa players lately, including the Wade Redden and Brian McGrattan incident where the two threatened to shove a couple of cameras up a few arses and expose their junk in respective order.

Now even mild-mannered Dany Heatley had this to say in today’s Ottawa Citizen about Emery:

"I just think people should lay off him right now," Dany Heatley said yesterday.

"He has gone through enough this year. I think he's focused on hockey. He just wants to play well and help this team win down the stretch, in the playoffs, and I think the rest of it should just go away."

To me, it sounds like the only relationships that are threatened lately are not necessarily in the locker room, but between the players and press.


Peter said...

Interesting read.
It's funny how fans--bloggers, forum-goers, or just water-cooler fans--seem to discuss the media exploiting players' stories than the actual stories. Because it exposes a rift between what the media is offering (sensationalism, scandal, overblown 'news') and what people are interested in (actual analysis of the hockey team, the roster, and the on-ice player dynamics).

Rachael said...

While I do agree that the media blows things out of proportion, I also think that the Sens have been babied for way too long. There's always a price to pay for celebrity, and if you're a highly recognizable face and doing inappropriate things in public, you need to be responsible for your actions. That being said, they do deserve a life outside of hockey, but they need to realize that some things are better left at home.
As for the scrutiny, Ottawa fans do get a bit ridiculous, but I didn't hear Corvo complaining when he was getting all the accolades during the playoffs last year. He was a mediocre player who had flashes of brilliance, but definitely coughed up the puck way too many times for my liking. He was also unable to keep the puck in the offensive zone when he was manning the point!