Friday, February 1, 2008

Dad Fakes Son's Cancer To Meet Stevie Y

Want a ridiculous story? How about this mother of all scams. This week ESPN The Magazine details how a Colorado father faked that his kid had cancer so he could meet Steve Yzerman back in the early 00's.

From the Detroit Free Press:

"Yzerman developed a relationship with the boy after meeting him in 2001, left tickets for him when the Wings played the Avalanche in Denver and paid for him to come to Detroit to see a playoff game in 2006....

The father, Brant Davis, went so far as to shave his son's head to make the Wings believe the boy had gone through chemotherapy for lymphoma.
Wings forward Kris Draper said he remembers the boy and his father being around the locker room.

"The biggest thing is the effort that Stevie made," Draper said. "That obviously touches home to everyone in this locker room. Stevie is first-class on how he handles all the terminally ill kids that he sees. Something like that is really disappointing.

"(But) you're not going to let one story like that affect what you do. You realize there are so many terminally ill children. ... Hopefully, it's one story and something that never happens again."

What, was Joe Sakic, a superstar from your own town not good enough for a fake cancer scam?

How do you think that makes Joe feel?

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