Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strange Rumblings And Bad Paranoia In Vancouver

You have to feel for poor Michael Russo, a reporter who covers the Wild for the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis.

Every time he has to go to Vancouver, something insane happens.

"What is it with Vancouver? Last time I was in town, there was what was believed to be a mob hit.

Yesterday morning at 2:30, a Starbucks was blown up! That is one of the most disgraceful things I’ve ever heard of.

I’ve been depressed about it all day......"

Let's hope he doesn't decide to take a walk down Hastings Street. If a demolished Starbucks gets him depressed, the East side would probably shatter his mind.

Russo also notes that there are some questioning the character of injured Canucks defenseman Willie Mitchell who returns to action tonight. Apparently, head coach Alain Vigneault has questioned his ability to play through pain. Russo tries to get Wild coach Jacques Lemaire's opinion (he coached Mitchell for a few seasons) and Mitchell defends himself from the accusations.

From the Star-Tribune:

"Speaking of Lemaire, funny moment came when a reporter tried to get Lemaire to comment on Willie Mitchell’s ability –or inability? — to play through injury in Minnesota. Lemaire looked at him like, “You think I was born yesterday?” before denying comment.

If you’ve paid attention to the coverage here the last few weeks, Vigneault has made subtle shots about Mitchell’s willingness to play through a back injury, with Mitchell replying yesterday, “He’s a coach. He doesn’t know how I feel, he doesn’t feel my pain, he doesn’t feel those things.”

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