Thursday, February 7, 2008

Avery Scraps With Malik At Rangers Practice

These kind of scraps are spreading like a flu this season.

Sean Avery and Marek Malik had a go at a Ranger practice yesterday. According to the New York Post, after a drill in which Avery and Malik were competing, Avery was heard to tell Malik to "Play the game like a man."

The gloves dropped and as usual, everybody is waving it off.

Interestingly, Malik was sat out a game a few weeks ago after refusing to shake coach Tom Renney's hand.

But we have now seen a handful of fights at practices this year.

In Ottawa, Ray Emery and Brian McGrattan went at it and then went to dinner together afterwards. Just recently Chris Neil and Emery almost came to blows before teammates intervened.

Back in December, the Philadelphia Flyers two resident lightweights, Daniel Briere and Sami Kapanen exchanged blows during a scrimmage.

Here's a question. How come nobody has fought each other over in Toronto yet?

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