Tuesday, February 19, 2008

League Finally Nails Luongo For Cheater Pads

The NHL has finally forced Roberto Luongo to cut off those "cheater flaps" that stick out from his leg pads and Luongo is, predictably, not happy about it. Boo hoo.

From the Vancouver Province:

"Just two months after Marty Turco and Mike Smith created the so-called "pad flap," the NHL seems to have reversed its opinion. In response to Turco's mock protest in December, Kay Whitmore, one of the NHL "goalie police," said there was nothing wrong with Luongo's knee flaps, two pieces of equipment that jet out from his leg pads.
Before the Feb. 5 game in Dallas, Luongo was asked by Whitmore to cut them off and he did.

"It wasn't because they were illegal, it was just because," said an obviously miffed Luongo. "There's a bunch of other goalies who still have the same thing. But that's fine. I have more important things to worry about, you know what I mean. I'm the only one that I've seen that has had to do this. You should ask Whitmore why."


Hopefully this is just the start of a league wide crackdown on the Michelin men masquerading as NHL goalies. They might want to take a hacksaw to Luongo's shoulder pads while they're at it. How they even got those canyons into the arena is a mystery for the ages.

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