Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eating Crow

I took some time tonight to go over my predictions for this season and I figure it's time to eat some crow and give some credit, especially to two teams in particular - Montreal and Phoenix.

I predicted Montreal to finish 13th in the East while I pegged Phoenix at 15th in the West. As Rod Stewart once sang, "look how wrong you can be".

It's astonishing to me how good Montreal is this year. After a quiet summer where they lost Sheldon Souray and replaced him with the likes of Bryan Smolinski and Roman Hamrlik, I figured Montreal was headed for another lost year. Wrong. If anything, they look like a team that doesn't have too many holes and even Alex Kovalev is resurrecting his career. It must be a fun time to be a Habs fan right now.

As for Phoenix, I'll just take a mulligan on that one. Who could have predicted their turnaround? Guys like Radim Vrbata and rookie Peter Mueller have exceeded expectations and waiver wire pick up Ilya Bryzgalov has just been lights out.

Here's how I predicted the final standings to shake out. I've had better moments.


1. Buffalo
2. Pittsburgh
3. Tampa Bay
4. Ottawa
5. New Jersey
6. Florida
7. NY Rangers
8. NY Islanders

9. Carolina
10. Boston
11. Atlanta
12. Philadelphia
13. Montreal
14. Washington
15. Toronto


1. San Jose
2. Detroit
3. Calgary
4. Anaheim
5. Minnesota
6. Vancouver
7. Colorado
8. Nashville

9. Dallas
10. St. Louis
11. Chicago
12. Los Angeles
13. Edmonton
14. Columbus
15. Phoenix

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