Monday, February 11, 2008

Canucks Shannon Pulls Off Savardian Spinerama

Against the coach of the Hawks, Denis Savard, the namesake of the move. Savard and Khabibulin didn't like it. You've got to love Shannon making a point of celebrating in Khabibulin's face after the Hawks netminder freaked out and shoved him.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"To me that's interference," Hawks coach Denis Savard said. "A goalie shouldn't be able to get bumped. What's the difference if a guy goes right at the goalie and runs him right out? I don't think there's any difference there."

Said Khabibulin, who responded with a punch to Shannon's helmet:

"I guess there's no such rule against it. If there's no rule, I guess he can do that. But he's going to pay the price for that.

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DC In YOW said...

Serge Savard is the namesake.

You have a good read here.