Friday, February 15, 2008

Cut The Crap Paddock

Ray Emery is a better goaltender than Martin Gerber.

This much should be clear to anyone who follows the Ottawa Senators on a regular basis.

He’s proven in the playoffs. He’s a better athlete. He’s not prone to confidence issues. He doesn’t give up the backbreaking goals that Gerber does. He’s younger and thus a better fit going forward.

John Paddock should just put this team on the right track by playing Emery for at least 5 games in a row to get him into a groove.

Emery has always played best when he gets consecutive starts while Gerber is just plain streaky and mentally fragile. Gerber has never won anything of signifigance and has almost zero playoff experience or success.

Everyone knows Emery is the better goalie, including management, but there’s a sense that Emery doesn’t deserve the role because of his attitude and demeanor.

Yes, Emery has had some issues with discipline but at some point the team (and especially the fans) have to put that behind them and move forward.

Senators fans should ask themselves this question. Do you want to win or do you want a lovable loser?
Ottawa has had plenty of those with the likes of Patrick Lalime and Ron Tugnutt. Not every player can be a fan favourite like Mike Fisher whether you like it or not. At least Ray Emery has proven that he can play in big games. So why not put your season on his shoulders?

Then again, if management has decided that Gerber is the guy, at least go with him and put up with his gaffes.

To me it’s that simple.

Paddock is not setting this team up for success by jerking around with a half-assed goalie rotation that everyone can plainly see isn’t working. If Paddock doesn’t stop this charade then Bryan Murray should force him to step down and get on with business.

This is a team that is crying out for a consistent approach, whether it’s in nets or in line combinations. Paddock has come in and done nothing but create pure chaos in a lineup that should be cruising to the first round with confidence.
Just cut the amateur crap.

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TheHux said...

Paddock must read your blog seeing as he has said that he'll announce his starting playoff goaltender by the end of next weekend... whatever that means.

But you're right. Emery is the better of the two and you gotta go with him. Besides, it's evident that goaltending is only part of the problem right now.