Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hull Tees Off On Goalies

It now seems like some consensus is building to finally shrink the goalie’s equipment, perhaps even this year, and certainly for next, after all 30 GM’s unanimously agreed to go ahead with consultations on rule changes for the 60 or so Michelin men around the league.

Brett Hull, speaking from the GM’s meetings in Naples Florida, wasn’t holding anything back when asked to comment.

From The NaplesNews:

"Something needs to be done, and we need to put together something to get it done," Hull said. "It goes back to Rule 21: Goalkeeper equpiment is to protect the goalie, not block the net."

One longstanding problem with reducing goaltender equipment size has been a lack of cooperation from the NHL Players Association.

"That's a huge problem. Are we here for the game? That's why we're here," Hull said. "They have to look at themselves and their leadership and why they're here, too."

So will something happen this year to change the size of the equipment?

"I'm not telling you that it will," said Colin Campbell, NHL vice president and director hockey operations. "It needs a buy-in by our GMs and our players, particularly the goaltenders."
"We're tired of hearing about it ... we understand it all comes down to wanting to win, but we have to do something when you're illegal."
Does this mean that Roberto Luongo will retire as he threatened to earlier this year?

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