Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bonkie Struggling With Preds

Ex-Ottawa Senator Radek Bonk is having a tough time in Nashville this year, where coach Barry Trotz calls him "Mr. Overtime" because he only seems to score in the extra period.

"Bonkie" has only one goal in 27 games and none in his past 19. He also has three assists in his last 14 games.

Bonk's career high in points came when he was a Senator in 2001-2002, scoring 25 goals and adding 45 assists for 70 points. Those were the good old days when Bonk played with a young Marian Hossa on Ottawa's first line.

The closest he ever got to his career high was 60 points in 99-00 and since 2002, Bonks numbers have absolutely plummeted.

02-03 Senators: 70 GP - 54 points.

03-04 Senators: 66 GP - 44 points.

05-06 Montreal: 61 GP - 21 points.

06-07 Montreal: 74 GP - 23 points.

Bonk has 21 points in 51 games so far this year so his numbers should go up into the 30 point range.

Not that impressive for a 3rd overall pick.

Trivia: Bonk used to slam multiple cans of Coke as a ritual before every game when he was in his early days with the Senators. It didn't help much. He netted 3 goals in his rookie year.

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