Thursday, October 11, 2007

Neiler Gets Some Legit Cred is not usually the place you go to find insightful pieces of journalism unless you like fluff pieces. But Karl Samuelson penned a nifty column here about role players like Chris Neil turning into team leaders.

“Just take our captain as an example,” said Neil, who scored three game-winning goals last season. “Daniel Alfredsson is the leader in this dressing room. His work ethic is astounding and his bottom line is when he straps the skates on he wants to win. That work ethic makes him a better player and it makes people around him better players. I watch him in practice every day and the pointers that he gives me help make me a better player.”

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arddi.- Federico said...

Estuve leyendo y me gustaron tus entradas, me gustaria que hagas lo mismo en mi blog :).
gracias por el lugar, fede.