Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TSN's Gord Miller In Middle Of NHLPA Shit Storm

William Houston in the Globe tells us that TSN's Gord Miller apparently passed on information to NHL deputy commish Bill Daly about Chris Chelios and some others trying to undermine Ted Saskins leadership of the union. Daly then forwarded the info to Saskin himself. Now all hell is breaking loose and Miller and Daly are claiming they did nothing wrong.

"But, in the e-mail message, Miller did not ask Daly whether he had heard about a revolt inside the NHLPA. In fact, the missive could have been construed as Miller doing detective work for the league and its new best friend, Saskin.

Miller denies taking sides.

“I didn't rat anybody out,” he said. “My objective was to tell the hockey world about it.”"

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